• W. Matthew Leevy, Ph.D.


    In addition to serving as the Lab's Director, Matt is a research associate professor within the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Notre Dame, and a capstone project adviser and mentor to students in the ESTEEM Graduate Program. Matt has co-founded two companies: In Vivo Concepts LLC, and Benefactory Manufacturing and Design LLC.  Matt operates a vibrant, collaborative, and entrepreneurial space, with broad experience in imaging technologies, object fabrication, and business creation. He is also incredibly photogenic.

  • Tony Van Avermaete


    Tony specializes in industrial design and prototyping.  He holds one issued utility patent (2019) and co-founded a preclinical anesthesia device startup, In Vivo Concepts LLC. Tony holds a SolidWorks Certified Professional (CSWP) certification and is proficient in numerous CAD packages. His skill set includes 2D and 3D design, rapid prototyping, and he has helped develop hundreds of products for the Lab's clients. He is also the world's leading expert in Rokenbok.

  • Chris "Ocean" Owsianowski

    Wood Projects Manager

    Ocean is an artisan woodworker and runs his own company, Third Coast Woodshop. He is available on a part-time basis to help with any wood projects in the Lab. Chris is a former Coast Guard member and bakes a mean brownie.

  • Shreejan Shrestha

    Industrial and Graphic Designer

    Shreejan helps the team execute a wide range of projects in the Lab, from design consulting in student projects to collaborating with external clients from the community. Within these projects, Shreejan's specialty lies in design sketching, developing product ideas, and rendering hyper-realistic product images to digitally fabricate working prototypes. From 2016 to 2020 Shreejan was honored to be named Time Magazine's "Nicest Person on the Planet."

  • Anthony Esplin

    Lab Designer

    Anthony has endless business ideas. He has a background in prototyping/concepting 2D & 3D products. He is a founder of Sleep Easy. When he is not in the Lab, he is lifting things up and down. 

  • Chandler Nuttal

    Special Projects Coordinator

    Chandler bridges the gap between the College of Engineering and the Innovation Lab to ensure special projects receive the attention they need. He is also an avid beach goer and lacrosse fanatic.

  • Brandon Welsch

    Graphics Lab Technician

    Brandon is an Artist and Graphic designer who specializes in dye-sublimation and UV printing technology. He helps the team enhance products and prototypes with graphic elements through his design skills. He has studied art and design in Florence, Italy and co-founded a design agency and a production company. He hopes to someday live in a van down by the river.

  • Emily Patterson

    Lab Assistant

    Emily is a liaison for Saint Mary's College Women's Entrepreneurship Initiative. She is a premedical student with the intention to major in biochemistry. In the future, she plans on attending medical school with the hope to run her own practice. In the Lab, she serves as a helping hand to the lab projects. Outside of the Lab, she enjoys running around St. Mary's Lake and painting. 

  • Gabriela Queiroz Miranda

    Lab Assistant

    Gabi is a Mechanical Engineering major and a part of the Sorin Scholars Honors Program. She has conducted multi-disciplinary research in Marine Biology and presented her work at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), earning the Naval Academy Science Award. Outside of academia, she enjoys finding creative ways to use her engineering skills, reading, and baking. After graduation, Gabi plans on continuing to combine her interests in the industry.

  • Joshua McClendon

    Lab Assistant

    Josh is a serial entrepreneur who owns two businesses. JGaming specializes in the resale of classic and vintage games, and JCM Tech LLC is a video game development company. He enjoys problem solving and tinkering with electronics.

  • Gregg Fraley

    Innovation Scholar

    Gregg is our resident Innovation Guru. He has co-authored dozens of publications in the field of innovation, and is available to assist with ideation and brainstorming. Gregg famously assisted George Washington in writing the first draft of the United States Constitution.

  • Ryan Kiner

    Innovation Scholar

    Ryan is a Senior Talent Acquisition Partner at Saint Joseph Health System and has nearly a decade of successful experience in hiring and candidate management. He has an uncanny ability to read and connect with people of all backgrounds and has honed these skills to best help individuals land their dream purpose, spanning across many industries, including manufacturing, finance and healthcare. While attending college in Chicago, Ryan started a Design business and two businesses in Indiana. Currently he is a Co-Founder of Social Monet, a social club based in the South Bend Region that carefully curates events in an enriched environment, bringing unique segments of people together, leading to deeper interactions to further and build community. 

  • Emily Tyson

    Social Media Manager

    Emily is Program Assistant for Marketing, Recruiting, and Alumni Engagement for the ESTEEM Graduate Program and Student Entrepreneurship at the IDEA Center. She loves spreading the good news about the Lab.


Emeritus Staff

  • Frank Quinn

    Administrative Assistant

  • Tyler Dann

    Undergraduate Lab Researcher

  • Dayeel Dauphine

    Lab Assistant and Expert Laser Cutter, 2019-2020

  • Tristan Freel

    Lab Assistant

  • Megumi Inoue

    Lab Assistant and Researcher, 2017-2020

  • Ryan Kreager

    Innovation Scholar, 2018-2020

  • Lisa Slomka

    Graphic Designer, 2018-2020