We make dreams a reality. Literally.

The IDEA Center Innovation Lab helps entrepreneurs, inventors and researchers translate their ideas into tangible products. Founded in 2018, the Innovation Lab has already helped launch a diverse collection of successful startups and products, providing services ranging from:

  • Fabricating walker prototypes for Enlighten Mobility.
  • Creating 3-D printed soap molds for Collegiate Soaps Inc.
  • 3-D printing anesthesia delivery devices for In Vivo Concepts, which has led to enhanced safety for pre-clinical research labs around the globe.
  • Laser cutting a wooden kiosk frame for card-based tipping company Tip Swift LLC.
  • 3-D printing a soft rubber injection guide prototype for Gigil Inc.
  • Producing dozens of products for Benefactory LLC.

Whether you’re a Notre Dame student or an entrepreneur, if you have a great idea for a product, the Innovation Lab can help you bring it from conception to commercialization.